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Have you told yourself how awesome you are today?

The impending stress of the holiday season can bring about a mix of emotions, especially to those dealing with mental health challenges. We all could benefit from reminders about how valuable we are. Sometimes, we have to be the one to give that reminder. Always...

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Can the environment impact your mental health?

Have you ever considered the effects the environment has on your mental health? You might have noticed a correlation between dreary weather and dreary attitudes. This happens because humans have an innate awareness and need for comfortable environments – both...

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Early intervention: Babies’ mental health matters

When talking about mental health, you may only think about it affecting adults and older children, right? Did you know that babies can struggle with mental health challenges, as well? As babies, the way we are cared for builds the foundation for our social and...

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Trauma: Understanding and recovering from it

Trauma can come from various life instances, and the recovery process can look different for different people. For some, it takes a period of time to heal from trauma. For others, seeking professional treatment is necessary for recovery. Everyday situations might...

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Cell phones and your teen’s mental health

We live in a time where everything is easily accessible via our fingertips. Cell phones are an extremely useful invention, allowing us to stay connected with friends and family and up to date on the latest news and trends. However, this rise in technology has caused...

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Is individual or group therapy right for you?

When it comes to treating a behavioral health illness of any kind, therapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process. If you’re looking for psychotherapy treatment, you may have questions regarding the best option for you - individual or group therapy. Below,...

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Home-based services for children: What is it?

One of South Bay’s most unique attributes is that the majority of our services are conducted outside of our offices, such as in community settings. Our Early Childhood clinicians frequently travel to homes, schools, foster homes, residential programs, churches,...

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Intervention: reaching out before it’s too late

Drug or alcohol addiction is not a weakness – it’s an illness. Do you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction but doesn’t know how or where to get help? The first step is making the decision to intervene. Addiction is not something that goes away over time,...

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Parents: How to have the drug talk

Children are going to experience pressure at some point in their lives - pressure to achieve academically; pressure to fit in; pressure to establish their career path; etc. With the increasing demands put on teens today, along with enhanced exposure to drugs, alcohol...

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School counseling: Could your child benefit?

By: Michael B. Summertime brings unlimited freedom for children: no homework, fewer responsibilities and more play time. However, after the summer months conclude, transitioning back into the daily routine of school and structure can be difficult. School counseling is...

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Community-Based Therapy: Why We Do It

By: Jennifer Roberts At South Bay, we will come to you. We have seen that behavioral health care works best when it is delivered in comfortable environments in order to promote progress and healing. This is simply one of the reasons, among many, that we strive to...

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Sail Into Summer with South Bay Community Services

Join us at this networking event for Behavioral Healthcare professionals and soon-to-be graduates. We will have stations set up so that you can explore and exchange stories with experienced clinicians about the very rewarding experiences that are part of helping the...

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3 Tips for Teaching a Child to Deal With Anger

By: William Giannouloudis It’s easy to assume that children live an easy and carefree life, but in reality, life’s stressors can rear their ugly heads in a child’s life, causing him or her to act out. So, how do you productively handle your child’s intense feelings?...

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