In a hospital or medical setting, mental health challenges can be addressed and managed in a structured environment. Mental health treatment facilities provide you with the tools and guidance needed to live a better, healthier life. However, once your treatment is completed, many wonder…what’s next?

It’s important to understand that treatment doesn’t end after you’re discharged from a facility. Continued guidance is crucial throughout the recovery process. Below, we offer tips on how to maintain good mental health once released from a treatment facility.

Keep your days structured

Continuing to live the structured life you were taught in the hospital can ease your transition. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, plan out your meals at the beginning of the week, schedule set times to exercise and have specific days you tackle chores around the house. Setting up a regular schedule and following it can help relieve life’s stressors. You might be surprised at how happy and accomplished you feel after completing a healthy, productive week!

Practice self-care

Make a point to involve yourself in activities you enjoy – no matter how big or small! Take up journaling, painting or even a new language. Anything that challenges you to stay motivated can help you in your transition.

Work on self-soothing

How can you work around your challenges outside of the structured hospital environment? What techniques can you practice when you’re feeling anxious? It’s important to be mindful of things you can do to self-soothe when life’s stressors rear their ugly heads. Our clinicians can help you find ways to calm yourself when you’re triggered.

Are you interested in speaking with someone who can offer you further post-care advice? At South Bay, our Day Services program can offer you that ongoing support to live a healthier life after treatment is completed. South Bay is dedicated to improving the lives of people who suffer from psychiatric illness to help them regain control of their situation. We strive to give our patients peace of mind and help open the door for a higher quality of life with fewer frustrations and greater opportunities.

Our Day Services programs provide collaborative psychosocial rehabilitation to adults with psychiatric disabilities, through a shared culture of recovery that extends into the community. Our strengths-based treatment model is designed to address each individual’s unique areas of need and ability.

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