The COVID-19 pandemic – along with ongoing racial injustice unrest and an economic roller coaster – has put our nation in a state of uncertainty, giving anxiety and depression an opportunity to blossom. In a recent study by Qualtrics, 42% of those surveyed said their mental health has declined since the pandemic began. There is no better time than the present to prioritize mental health in the workplace, as mental well-being among employees should be a top priority within the ranks of company leadership. We provide a few tips on how to prioritize your employees’ mental health below. 

Communication is key.

It’s important to communicate often and explicitly with your employees. Over-communication is actually encouraged when it comes to expectations and updates, as this will provide reassurance and direction to your team in their time of need. Also, be open and honest with your team during this time. Sharing your experiences and normalizing mental health challenges forms a connection with your employees. New stressors are arising in each of us, so it’s important that those in influential positions show vulnerability and promote support. This authentic approach establishes trust and can improve overall employee performance and engagement with leadership. 

Check in with your team frequently. 

Frequent wellness checks with employees have never been more important than now. With various workplace arrangements and employees scattered in different environments, it can be difficult to visually see what your team is experiencing. Regularly discuss challenges and potential solutions with your employees to allow for a more open dialogue to flow. It’s completely fine if employees don’t feel comfortable sharing details, but it’s important for them to know that they can. 

Flexibility is important.

It’s necessary to expect the unexpected and proactively offer flexibility. Employees may be experiencing other pandemic-related transitions outside of work, such as childcare, schooling, family illnesses etc. Offer a tailored approach to address these changes as they arise and be as supportive as possible.  

Model healthy practices. 

Do more than just talk about mental health. Show that you recognize and support it. If you share that you prioritize your mental health, your employees are likely to follow your lead. By doing so, your team can effectively contribute to their work – no matter their setting. 

Mental health must remain a priority, especially in unprecedented times. If you’re looking for additional ways to support your mental health, as well as that of your employees, our team at South Bay is here to support you. South Bay strives to provide the proper programs, certified staff members and clinicians for the perfect combination of professional therapy and guidance. For more information, contact us at 508-521-2200 or click here