Fear is a very real threat when it comes to your recovery journey. For some, the thought of attending a counseling session isn’t easy. In fact, it can feel terrifying. Several frightening thoughts might run through your mind as you consider reaching out for help. While this is completely normal, it’s important to take control of these thoughts. We’re here to help you combat them. Below, we offer advice on how to overcome common fears you may have when deciding to start down your path to recovery.   

“There’s something wrong with me.”

There’s a stigma placed on mental health – a common misconception that seeing a clinician means there’s something “wrong” with you. We disagree. Asking for help indicates you are taking control of your life and of your mental health. While this can be scary, the things that often scare us are great opportunities for us to step up and grow. 

“My clinician will judge me.”

Judgement in any shape or form is not tolerated in counseling sessions. Clinicians have a passion to serve, and they work day in and day out to help those who need them most work toward self-sufficiency and wellness. No struggle you face will be met with judgement or will be seen as insignificant.

“People will think I’m crazy.” 

If you’re suffering, you’re certainly not crazy. You’re a human who is in need of assistance and has acknowledged that you want a better life for yourself. Recognition is the first step toward a successful recovery.

If you or someone you know is ready to begin a journey toward recovery and is in need of our services, our team of certified staff members and clinicians are here to help. Through professional therapy and guidance, we can assist those experiencing hardships and find positive solutions. For more information, contact us at 508-427-5362 or click here